Who is Direct2Members?

The Direct2Members' patent-pending technology provides your organization with the ability to deliver relevant content on a screensaver that will appear on your members' personal computers.

Direct2Members' content is updated automatically with no interruption to a user's computer. The programming and functionality is designed to provide uniquely targeted communication and marketing that informs, engages, and advertises what you want your members to see.

  • Why?

    Most members don't have the time to read massive amounts of email and periodicals on a daily basis. The simple Direct2Members communication tool has a powerful ability to link your members to a targeted website on the Internet for additional information with the touch of the enter key.

  • Benefits

    Continually remind your members of:
    • The value of their membership
    • The crucial work of the association
    • Upcoming conferences & seminars
    • Important industry-specific news
    • New products & services

  • Contact Us

    4539 Metropolitan Court,
    Suite 289
    Frederick, MD 21704, USA

    FAX: 1-800-840-6675
    PHONE: 888-841-2237